Individual Counseling is directed towards problem solving, self- esteem, goal setting, and chemical dependency awareness. 

Group Counseling covers the topics discussed in individual counseling, but is done in a group setting to promote peer support and confrontation, and a broader scope of feedback.

Family Counseling stresses parenting skills and communications skills. 

Crisis Intervention:  counselors are on call to provide emergency consultation and appropriate information or referral involving youth and their families in crisis. 

Outreach Counseling in the public school system is provided for those schools that do not have counselors or when the counselor requires assistance.  

Information and referral services to assist in obtaining information and guidance.

Advocacy services for delinquency prevention and for the rights of youth and their families. 

For juveniles who have been identified as having committed acts which are not serious enough to warrant adjudication but which do indicate a need for intervention to prevent further delinquency.  The program in administered in six weekly sessions in which both the juvenile and their parent attend.  The program covers the following topics:

  • Communication 
  • Cultural Awareness and Values 
  • Emotional Regulation 
  • Family Systems
  • Smart Choices 
  • Drug Use

 Counseling Programs

 Community at Risk Services (CARS)

Works directly with Juvenile Services Units to provide Individual and Family Counseling, Tutoring and Mentoring Services to at- risk youth in the Juvenile Justice System. 

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